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Curious facts about the L Word S2

"Land Ahoy" (Episode: #2.10)

'If I wanted to see Betty i'd go to one of their shows - now get the f'**k out of my little show'

Scary room, scary dolls, scary clowns - and scary Jenny
This just sooo - wrong...
Helena's got really nice arms
Jenny can't even do a high five
Another result of Alice's knitting?
I guess a pro tennisplayer needs a lot of pills
Carry-on luggage - Prohibited Items: nipple clamps 
(rubber ends can be removed and the clamps can be used as a weapon) - "Hands up or I'll pinch you" - 
Travelling with toys
Allegory of Fortune by Dosso Dossi
Amy Ziff and her cello leaves the Lez-boat while our framily boards - Thank You!
Phoebe Sparkle - Katy Selverstone
A life jacket, or personal flotation device (PFD), can save your life if you wear it.
That strange little tattoo again..
The Love Boat
X marks the spot
Shawn Colvin
"Always Use Lube - The first thing to keep in mind is that every sex toy and sensual aid could use a little lubrication. Whether you're rubbing against it, putting it into you, or putting you into it, you should be using a lubricant."
Bette at table 27
And let's just forget this episode....


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updated: 06-12-2005