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Curious facts about the L Word S2

"Loud and Proud" (Episode: #2.11)

"Keep passing those open windows"

window no. 01
Window no. 02
Window no. 03
Shane putting out a match - is that Carmens hat and earphones still lying around?
Shane and random couch-girl
The infamous duster
Oh Alice - you are so agile!
The maid Camille and ?
Dusting - with Dana's tie!
What are you hiding Dana?
Alice: That's not very ladylike...
Tina and Helena are on the chart
Window no. 04
Bette reading "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
False eyelashes!
Window no. 05
Window no. 06
“Looking is free but touching will cost you” 
KM sporting a new tattoo
Mark's got a tattoo too
That outfit is sooo 80's - and Alice hit the clipboard-lady(?)
Shane is suddenly into - birds?
The Seven Stations of the Cross - if you are catholic it means something quite different....
That funny little tattoo again...
Melvin, Bette and Maxime
excellente choice of footware for Gay Pride
whipping, temporary piercing, public humiliation, anal penetration, torching, spanking, and, oh specialty arts. That's nice
Ooh, there's a free buffet 'til 6:00! Chicken wings and tofu!
window no. 07
window no. 08
Leigh Ostin - Cobie Smulders - Hot!!!
As Dana turns her head...
She hits Alice in the head with her ponytail...
window no. 09
why clowns scare Jenny
window no. 10


episode 02.01

episode 02.02

episode 02.03

episode 02.04

episode 02.05

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episode 02.10


updated: 06-12-2005