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Curious facts about the L Word S2

"L'Chaim" (Episode: #2.12)

Jenny drives a Mazda
Shout out to Meredith (Toxic Ton Ton) McGeachie - Punch
Skokie, Illinois
Return of the birdy
Mark - the carpenter
Bette do have a special taste in art
Shelly Greenlee - Linda Ko
the luvlie Cobie Smulders
Bite that lip Lara!
Mark - the plumber
Another hidious Alice outfit
the ever changing Planet
where did that blond come from?
Peaches - feel free to visit the crotch galleri
Mark - the coffeemaker
Another mirror shot
Alice got a new Mini Cooper
The first time Dana and Shane interact since the mission in episode 01.02
that funny little tatto again..
Mark - the cook


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updated: 06-12-2005