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Curious facts about the L Word S2

"Lynch Pin" (Episode # 2.4)

Helena Peabody
the therapist (Mimi Kuzyk) -  'Lost and Delirious' (2001)
What's with the fruit?
Lisa Yuskavage "outrageous quasi-pornographic sirens" - "anatomically impossible bimbos."
I'll never eat sushi again...
She's not an alleycat - she is Foxy Brown
Please stop writing on my screen - we know...
Big Bad Duck
That's plain scary.. 

(Jane / Cassandra Sawtell - Jenny / Victoria Billingsley)
Alyssa Neros - Sarah Lind 
No! - my eyes, my eyes...
Bette did you forget - your ring?
Oh, here it is again...
Wilson / Alex Ferris - Yun Jing / Eileen Bui
Ahh - I miss Mr. Piddles

Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix named Floyd owned by KM
Crispaay Twink - Gina Holden
Enough with the Dos Equis
Hottub/Abraxas girl / Audra Ricketts -  Heather Douglas (and the one with the cig?)
Fritsche - the hockey player?
The flying wonder that is TLLH
It's like they're dancing
Then maybe not..
Bette has fast hands..
ziiinng !




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updated: 06-12-2005