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Curious facts about the L Word S2

"Lagrimas de Oro" (Episode # 2.6)


Leisha Hailey's cute tummy...
I'm guessing Alice don't like Helena Peabody
Mountain Dew, orange juice, some celery, white wine, assorted hard liquor, and one bottle of beer
Heather Douglas (random couch-girl) and Leanne Adachi (Girl from 'Radar' pilot S1) - and Jenny in yet another doiley (and Heineken on the table)
Betty? (Stefanie von Pfetten)
Dana going for a quick grab
the Heineken Celebrity Slammin' Jammin' Tournament
BTW: How did Dana do?
Alice: Alright. Yoda needs to give me some better advice or Yoda needs to shut the fuck up.
Green, pink and yellow - WTF!
I feel like screaming too...
Before you die, you see the ring
So the ring is off again....
what a strange little tattoo
Enough with the product placement
Never apologize - never explain - Chateau Marmont - where John Belushi died in 1982 
- 2 Bedroom Penthouse Suite USD 3,000.00 pr nite
That just might be the biggest nipple I've ever seen - I have a big screen
"You hold all the cards"
Shane: " Alice . It's karmically wrong. And it's gonna come back at you if you and Dana wind up together."


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updated: 06-12-2005