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Curious facts about the L Word S2

"Loyal" (Episode: #2.08)

Tony Goldwin - directed S0107 - L'Ennui 
4 biceps curls with 2,5 kg
KCRW = really cool radiostation - Just love the Morning Becomes Eclectic show
Bette's office art changes every episode -
Richard Prince
Bette's trademark walk to the fridge...
Dana's pj's from ep 01.07 "L'ennui"
Lara LaRack - needs to change her uniform
Fly away Gabby
Helena in yet another muscle car (Austin Martin convertible?)


episode 02.01

episode 02.02

episode 02.03

episode 02.04

episode 02.05

episode 02.06

episode 02.07


updated: 06-12-2005