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Curious facts about the L Word S2

"Late Later Latent" (Episode: #2.09)

"Being on tiptoe, or as on tiptoe; hence, raised as high as possible; lifted up; exalted"
ew ew ew....
Bette slings her back over her shoulder 
But wait! - the bag is in the right hand 
and the Bette trademark sling again....
"I got peed on today"
"The double dildo is one of the more exotic specimens in the world of sex toys. Two-headed and freakishly long compared to a standard dildo, it resembles a bizarre species of underwater creature"
Why would anybody wanna stick that to a window in a hotel?
Melanie - Dana's second love (I'm guessing the one on the right...)
"I just got peed on today and now 'm wearing my black pantyhose's"
Burr's ferrari
Here we go with the groceries...
Bette puts the water away - I'm sure...
reverse shot: Tina still got it!
Oh yes
I'm speechless
"Look at me"
"I can't - you peed on my roommate this morning"
very preggy
Reminds me of scrambled eggs from S1  - Aahhh....


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updated: 06-12-2005